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Terms & Conditions
Westbury Admin

Terms & Conditions for Westbury Admin will be given with every quotation.

When submitting a booking request please be aware this is not a guaranteed booking please wait for a confirmation by email or phone.

Confidentiality & Data Protection
 Westbury Admin Services will only work with UK based clients, due to insurance reasons.
 Your information is held securely and backed up in accordance with UK Data Protection Laws, including GDPR.
 We are an ICO registered company, if you have any concerns please raise them by email to
 All original work will be returned to clients as soon as work is completed, unless otherwise requested.
 On termination of a contract, we delete all client data held, excluding data held for our own tax records.
 Westbury Admin services never give, sell, rent or otherwise any of your information.
 Our privacy policy is viewable here.

 The minimum charge for work undertaken is one hour, after that work will be charged in 15minute increments.
 A deposit of 50% may be requested before work is commenced for new clients.
 In the event of a contract being cancelled/terminated, the client agrees to pay for all work completed up to that point.
 Westbury Admin Services reserves the right to halt services and not to return work if bills are not paid.
 Overdue invoices may result in interest charges (at the rate of 5%) for the total outstanding per month.
 Any advertisement costs will be charged to the client as an expense, budget will be agreed.
 Payments can be made by bank transfer, if you need to pay via other means then please advise Westbury Admin Services on your first consultation call.
 Please note that paying via other means may incur extra charges which will be shown on your invoice.
 Project work payments will be invoiced on completion of the work and payment is due 7 days from the date of invoice.
 Invoices are sent on the 1 st &15 th of each month, if you join Westbury Admin Services outside of these dates this period will be shown on your invoice.
 Payment is due 7 days from the date of invoice.
 Retainer hours cannot be carried over to the following month.
 Any additional costs incurred for example, postage, courier, telephone charges, will be shown on the invoice or invoiced separately to the client as ‘Expenses’.

Submitting & Turnaround on work
 All work should be submitted by email or telephone, or 01252 279221.
 The work will be scheduled with a confirmation email, within an hour of your request. We will confirm the work has been scheduled and when you will be receiving it etc.
 Work which is over an hour long will be scheduled and you will be given an ETA when we acknowledge receipt of the job.
 When submitting databases or marketing work, your virtual assistant will ask you how people requested this information and ask for proof of validation in order to comply with GDPR.
 It is up to you to check work which we return and raise any queries forthwith thereafter.
 Holidays: You will be informed by email if Westbury Admin Services take any time off, any work you have scheduled will be done prior to the holiday. We will also advise on our social media channels for UK standard holidays i.e Bank Holidays, Easter & Christmas the hours will be open.

Disclaimer & Applicable Law
 We will not be liable for any losses you might sustain arising directly or indirectly from our
completing work save in so far as the same arises directly from our negligence.
 This contract shall be governed by the Law of England & Wales.
 Our business is registered at: Westbury Admin Services, Hart Business Centre, Civic
Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet, Hants, GU51 4AE
 These are our general T&Cs, for further T&C's these will be sent via email at your request.

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