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8 Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

1. Lower costs to your business – Hiring a virtual assistant has been estimated to save a business 78% in operating costs, this is compared to hiring a full-time employee. This is also the number one reason why businesses are hiring and looking into going down the virtual assistant route. A virtual assistant is self-employed, they own their enterprise and are accountable for all of the expenses they incur. Which means for a business less hassle of payroll, sick leave, holiday pay, finding cover etc

2. Saves time – Hiring the right person to work for you in your business can be a long-winded process, and not easy. First, it’s getting a job advert together with detailed job description and the kind of person and skills they must have. You then have to get the word out your hiring, posting the job on advertising boards and online. Then comes the waiting for people to apply, reading through resumes, choosing the ones that best fit the role your trying to fill. Arranging an interview which can be difficult if your available time is limited already, sometimes a second interview is needed. This can already have taken more then a month, and you still haven’t filled the role you need to. Hiring a virtual assistant means a lot of the above can be skipped and the role can be filled within a matter of days.

3. Reduced work load – As a business owner, your important tasks can often get overshadowed due to a jam-packed schedule. Virtual assistants can help with this, they can focus on the tasks you do not have the time to do. Virtual assistants are multi skilled so are able to focus on several crucial tasks, while you can still work on growing your business. This means a task that has been over looked, but is an important process to your company will get done. Your work-related stress is reduced, and everything is kept organised. These tasks get completed within the stipulated time frame, as a result you keep running the business smoothly. Some services most VA’s offer is Market research, Data entry, Email management, Online marketing, Social media management and Scheduling.

4. Flexible working – Virtual assistants have a flexible work schedule, which means this can be adjusted to you and your business need. This is beneficial as they will work for you on a project basis, hourly rate or for guaranteed hours reserved for you only, offer a retainer for a number of hours per month purely for you. They also provide flexibility with different time zones for task management, and adjustable work schedules to maximise performance, and increase output along with managing costs.

5. Strengthen weak areas – Business owners like to be in control, and doing things themselves. Let’s face it: It’s not possible to be jack of all trades! With virtual assistants, you can make up for a skill gap in your organisation. It will provide you with extra skills you are completely missing on, that may grow your business. VA’s will be able to take on a task that you may have found tricky, or software that you struggle to use.

6. Provide a quality service – As business owner themselves virtual assistants know how important it is to provide a quality service, and be committed to delivering value to their clients. Which makes them very aware of the fact that your business revenue, also depends on the positive execution of the tasks. Their reputation and business success depend on how well they can please their clients. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to the work they receive, and try constantly to provide high quality services at all times. Virtual assistants at times will perform at a higher level then a normal full-time employee.

7. No entrepreneur is a superman! – You can not work on all tasks yourself, having an extra hand on projects or admin tasks is essential to your business growth. Bringing a VA into your business helping them to develop a complete understanding of what you do, and what your future goals are. The VA may have some ideas to share with you, that eventually you will get to see a substantial growth within your company.

8. Balance of life – Perhaps the only unquantifiable value of hiring a virtual assistant is he or she can help you achieve balance in life, simply by affording you the benefit of time. With trusted VA’s in place, you can explore the world while your business continues. When you are able to find time for things that matter most in life, you become more productive. After all, ask yourself this simple question: “why do you work?” if you work only to pay the bills, then you are simply existing; not living. To live is to experience life.

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