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How to be more productive

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Be efficient – Think about how your business is currently operating, make sure you have an open mind to the way you work. Changing a simple process in your working day, can have a huge impact on how you work for the rest of the day. It is important to make short and long term plans within your business, changing things up could be the boost your business needs.

Reduce distractions – Social media can be a big productivity killer, with the constant notifications specially as a business owner with no other staff. It could be people are contacting you asking the same questions, which means you are constantly replying with the same answer. A good way to limit this is to create a FAQ’s page on your website, this gives your audience a foundation to go to for the answers they need.

Right tools & equipment – Make sure you have the right tools and equipment, having these in place can make such a difference. For example, if you are a printing company and need 1000 flyers printing off, make sure you have the printer that has a quicker print time and better quality. The faster the printer the faster your printing jobs are completed, so in time you can print more jobs in a day then with a much slower printer. The financial bonus is you can take on more jobs, which means more revenue.

Improve work place conditions – There is nothing worse then sitting at a desk in a hot temperature, trying to do your daily reports or replying to emails. You become less productive as your mind becomes clouded with feeling uncomfortable, wanting some cool air and a breeze. So, make sure you have a fan or heater in place so you can work in a heat that’s comfortable and your mind is completely focused on the job your doing.

Set yourself realistic goals – As humans we find nothing more deflating then failing at something, this can have such an effect on us mentally. So, when your writing your short and long term plans, set yourself realistic goals that you know your able to meet. When you have accomplished this goal in the time you have allowed yourself, you will feel great and on top of the world. This feeling of accomplishment, will have a knock-on effect and make you want to be even more productive.

Delegate – Delegation is something as a business owner can find hard, letting go of a task you have always done yourself. But realistically you need to be asking yourself the following “Do I need to be doing this job?” “Can I get someone else to do this job?” “What can I be doing instead?” Delegating 2 or 3 jobs to someone else can free up a lot of time during your day, you can focus on more important things. It also means more jobs can get done in a shorter space of time, which allows you to be more PRODUCTIVE!

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