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Virtual Assistant or Employee?

What is more cost effective? I hear you say well read on…..

With the ever increasing costs of living and running your own business, you will always want to be aware of every financial cost that comes with it. When we start out, we are fully aware we might have an initial lay out financially. But going forward we have a goal or dream of where we want to be. If we didn’t have a goal, we wouldn’t have taken this huge risk. We would be in normal employment working for someone else, doing the normal 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. I am a great believer of the saying “IF YOU DON’T BUILD YOUR OWN DREAM, SOMEONE WILL HIRE YOU TO BUILD THEIRS”.

When you first start thinking about building your team, initially this will cause some worries about how much this will cost. The legalities to consider, contracts and employee benefits to be worked out. However, this can be a very easy and cost effective process just by outsourcing to a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is a contractor rather than an employee, you can use us as and when you need. So, if your business is having a slow spell, especially if its seasonal dependant you won’t be paying an employee for doing nothing. Outsourcing can also have an impact on your time, we can free your time up with the admin that needs doing while you are focusing on building relationships with potential new customers.

Other benefits from outsourcing to us is we are multi skilled, so no extra costs on training us. We can work more efficiently so your deadlines are met, and fully flexible. We are a great asset to any business on keeping the costs low, getting the work done and no extra worries about having an employee to take care of.

I have listed here some of the main costs that you won’t have to cover with hiring a virtual assistant:

1. You don’t have to supply us with desk space, computer and phone.

2. No extra costs of electricity, heating or lighting.

3. Taxes and National Insurance costs are all covered by the virtual assistant.

4. You don’t have to provide us with a pension.

5. No training or course costs.

6. If we go on holiday you don’t need to pay us, but your work will be completed.

7. We all get sick sometimes, but this will be no charge to you and you don’t have to give us health insurance.

There will be basic things needed when you hire a virtual assistant, but a good VA will already have these things in place. A contract will be needed, job specification or brief outline of tasks to be undertaken, expected deadline or timescales. You both will need to confirm how often you will contact each other for updates and the method i.e. email,phone,skype etc.

I have researched some costings to see how much a business can save from taking on board a virtual assistant to an employee, and the difference is amazing.

From the table above you can see how much a business can save just by outsourcing to a virtual assistant, we only work when needed so the hours are reduced dramatically.

Westbury Admin Services would love to work with you on your business journey, hoping we can take on the tasks as and when you need them doing. We offer a free no obligation 30mins consultation call, where we would love to discuss what you need and how we can help. Visit us at: - for more details.

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