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When you know it's time to hire a VA

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

How do you know when it’s the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant?

There may come a time when you wake up one morning, and your inbox is already over flowing from the day before. Your first thought is ‘when am I going to get time to deal with yesterday’s emails I didn’t get to, with more coming in as you look’. Obviously, this is great news as this means your business is doing well. The downside of this is your probably feeling pretty overwhelmed, and potentially can delay in replying to your emails as your trying to catch up from the day before. This can be just one of the signs that you need to hire some help, but not wanting to take on a member of staff.

Another sign can be that you notice your spending too much time on things that don’t necessarily make any money, are these things that you actually need to do yourself? For example, you might be spending too much time in your inbox replying to emails, your trying to schedule your customers in for meetings, writing your invoices/quotes, trying to post on social media and updating/changing your website. Actually, you will be spending more time on these small tasks then actually spending time on projects or building a relationship with your clients.

In any career there will always be things you love doing, and unfortunately things you don’t love doing so much. Remember there is always someone else who loves doing the tasks you hate. What can happen is those tasks get left till last, and you end up using your own time to complete said tasks. These tasks can be outsourced to a VA, they will love doing them and have them completed by your deadline. End result is you can spend more time on bringing a revenue in, while your VA is working on these.

If you’re at a stage in your business where you feel like you’re working 24/7 it may be time to hire a virtual assistant, no one wants to be working all hours and 7 days a week. We all love what we do, but this can then lead to our working life overflowing into our personal life. Hiring a VA means your work life becomes more organised and less stressful, which leaves you more time for your clients and personal life. Also knowing you have someone you can trust with the day to day jobs, means you can take the breaks you need.

Write a list of all the jobs/tasks that you do but realistically can give to someone else, I bet there is quite a few. If you need a helping hand with the tasks on your list then book your free consultation call with Westbury Admin Services let us help you.

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